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This project has been completed, and the website is therefore no longer being updated.


Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, Mads Rosendahl Thomsen and Jacob Wamberg (eds): The Posthuman Condition: Ethics, Aesthetics and Politics of Biotechnological Challenges. Aarhus, 2012.

Jacob Wamberg: Landscape as World PictureAarhus, 2009.

Mads Rosendahl Thomsen: The New Human in Literature: Posthuman Visions of Changes in Body, Mind and Society after 1900. London, 2013.


Mads Rosendahl Thomsen on the new and the last human at Danskernes akademi (Danish, 10 min.)

Mads Rosendahl Thomsen on The New Human in Literature at Jutland Station (4 min.)