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"Posthuman Aesthetics" Online Course now open for sign-ups

2016.07.01 | Johannes Poulsen

"Posthuman Aesthetics" is an 8-week Open Online Course starting September 21, 2016.

The course will probe the depths of the human condition, as it stands after the 'fall' of traditional humanistic paradigms, and consider the effects and potentials of 'the posthuman'. The idea of 'the posthuman' has emerged as a term that sums up various ideas and realities of a possible, radical change in human existence that would lead to a new mode of being. Manifestations of the posthuman in the visual arts and literature will be the primary topics throughout the course. In addition, the students will be presented with a broad introduction to the historical and contemporary ethical and philosophical concepts relevant to the field. In this way, the course frames the phenomena of the posthuman through the prism of aesthetics.

In the coming weeks, we will post teasers for each of the lectures of the course, so stay tuned on Fridays in July and August.


See more here and sign up at http://tdm.au.dk/open/ph/. ​

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