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Drawing (c) Per Marquard Otsen and Politiken

2015.01.10 | News, Blog

Professor Wamberg publishes feature article on the posthuman in modern art in major danish newspaper

This week, on the 9th of January, Professor Jacob Wamberg published a feature article in Politiken, in which he sharply and briefly explains the posthuman condition, as envisioned by modern art and its critics in the twentieth century.

Photo (c) Alamy and The Telegraph

2015.01.09 | News, Blog

UK considers legalizing controversial three-parent in-vitro fertilization procedure

Babies with three biological parents have been achieved before, but 2015 may see government support and legal status for three-parent IVF procedure in the UK

2014.12.05 | News, Blog

POSTHUMAN Seminars in spring 2015

During the spring semester, Posthuman Aesthetics invites international researchers in the posthuman field to a lecture series at Aarhus University, seeking to broaden the disciplinary scope of the project, whilst also making its results and discussions open to the public through open lectures, seminars and talks. We welcome all interested,…

2014.12.04 | Blog

Talk session with Donna Haraway

Prior to her AURA-lecture (Aarhus University Research on the Anthroposcene) with Scott Gilbert on october 30th in Aarhus, Donna Haraway (Professor Emerita, University of California, Santa Cruz) visited Posthuman Aesthetics for a talk on the subject. 

© Jacey and Nature

2014.11.05 | Blog

A posthuman afterlife?

In the last decade, Nature has published weekly sci-fi short stories concerning the futures of technological discovery, human understanding, and issues concerning the ethical and philosophical consequences of rapid human evolution. In the latest issue, Spanish short fiction author Alvaro Zinos-Amaro presents a simultaneously humorous and…

2014.10.16 | Blog, News

Critical posthumanism

Our research project is now a partner with Critical Posthumanism. 

2014.10.16 | News, Blog

Aarhus University Research on the Anthropocene (AURA)

The influence of humans on the planet is addressed by another research project at Aarhus University: The Anthropocene. The project hosts an open lecture with Donna Haraway and Scott Gilbert on October 30. See more about the event here.

2014.10.03 | Blog, News

Johannes presents his doctoral project at a master class with N. Katherine Hayles on october 1st, 2014

The title of the presentation was “Posthuman Mythologies  – The Paradox of Stability and Evolution in the X-Men Comics”, and Johannes presented key elements of his project through a small case study of the way human evolution and its challenge to human unity is presented in two X-Men storylines, Days of Future…

2014.10.01 | Blog

Super-aesthetic sensibility?

Nick Bostrom's new book "Superintelligence" is fascinating and at times mindblowing. However, one domain that is not being addressed is aesthetics. What kinds of tastes and desires will evolve? If any? Raw computational power without a sense of beauty seems to lead to a less interesting world. -mrt

2014.09.30 | Blog

Posthuman Simpsons

It's not just us...

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