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2016.03.22 | Blog, News

A. I. and the body

For many years now, Hollywood has given us plenty of visions of extraordinary humans, humans with superpowers, humans who transcend physical dimensions, and humans who become robotic in nature, either by proxy or transplantation. Many of these plots have been structured around the same basic problem: the shifting boundaries of ‘the human’ in a…

The front page of The Vision #1

2016.03.17 | Blog, News

Artificial Life in the Suburbs

In The Vision, a new ongoing Marvel comic book series by Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez Walta and Jordie Bellaire, a family of androids move into a Washington D.C. suburb. The father in this family is The Vision, the “benevolent” artificial intelligence recently made famous in the superhero film Avengers: Age of Ultron. In King’s version, however,…

Souce (c): REAS.com

2016.03.15 | Blog, News

Can algorithms be artists?

The digital medium has interfered radically with the realm of art and aesthetics in the past decades. In the last few years, Los Angeles based software artist Casey Reas has made quite a name for himself with elaborate works of art that are constructed out of nothing but a few strings of code and simple algorithms. Reas was recently interviewed by…

2016.03.11 | Blog, News

Our lonely posthuman grandchildren

In ”World of Tomorrow”, one of the nominees in this year’s Animated Short category at the Academy Awards, the small child Emily is contacted by her third generation clone from the future. The clone takes her on a journey through an unsettling future set in the wasteland of the transhumanist project: Women get impregnated with perfect clones of…

2015.09.07 | Blog, News

"And the world will never be the same again"

Italian neurosurgeon is optimistic about controversial ‘body-swap’ procedure which involves transplanting a patient’s head unto a donor body. While uproars from scientists and philosophers mix with scattered cautious enthusiasm, principal questions about the essence of life arise.

Mathias Vejerslev / Click Festival

2015.05.11 | News, Blog

Jacob Wamberg and Mads Rosendahl Thomsen to attend CLICK Festival

This year's CLICK art festival (may 14th - 17th 2015) probes the thematic crossings of technology, art and human existence in a series of art works, live performances and seminars by noted artists, scholars and performers.

2015.04.25 | Blog, News

It's not just us

A few recent books of interest which in various way deal with the possibility of human change

Azim Surani who is leading the project (Welcome Trust and The Sunday Times)

2015.03.15 | News, Blog

Two-dad babies on the horizon?

The controversial three-parent IVF procedure was legally approved in the UK earlier this year, but an even more revolutionary stem-cell based technique for engineering egg cells using skin from two adults of the same sex has just been achieved, potentially paving the way for the first fully ‘manufactured’ baby.

Image (c) Humanities, MDPI

2015.02.05 | News, Blog

Mads Rosendahl Thomsen on the posthuman in latest edition of Humanities

The latest edition of Humanities “No Future without Humanities: Literary Perspectives” (2015, 4) features article on emerging fields of interest in the study of literature and their role in the future of the humanities, including a brief on posthuman aesthetics

Photo illustration by Danny Jones and The New York Times. Original images from EyeWire

2015.01.15 | Blog

Google Earth for the brain?

New York Times feature: Scientists combine high-resolution brain-image analysis with collaborative computer gaming in an attempt to map the totality of the human brain in a wiring diagram of all 100 trillion neuro-connections.

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