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Descartes' illustration of how sense and mind

2016.05.05 | Blog, News

Mind and matter in the posthuman condition

A big part of the motivation behind researching the aesthetic responses to ‘the posthuman condition’ is the increasing intertwinement of biological finality with machine automation. All around us, indeed in us, machines and artificial technologies are interacting directly with the tissue of organic life in ways previously unseen. Our bodies move…

2016.04.26 | News, Blog

Art in the trash vortex: the plastisphere

In the early twentieth century, the invention of plastic was hailed as the beginning of a bright future for mankind. “Plastic Man”, as the early advertisers of the synthetic polymer called him, would transcend Cartesian duality and make matter itself manipulable; plastic was an entirely man-made substance, with infinite durability at dime prices,…

Quantum Moves

2016.04.19 | Blog, News

Play games, solve problems

We are getting fairly used to hearing phrases such as: “In a few years, computers will be much more intelligent than us” or even: “Computers are already outsmarting us”. This optimism is no doubt spurred on by the last decades’ immense increase in computing power, miniaturization, and automatization. However, as Moore’s law that the transistor…

2016.04.15 | News, Blog

"The Menaces the Future May Bring Forth"

Lovecraft and the Posthuman

2016.04.12 | News, Blog

The Anthropocene Upside Down

Literature, and especially science fiction, provides us with many visions of what the posthuman could be. Cyborgs, digitized minds, mutants, superhumans, evolved humans and artificial intelligences proliferate throughout the increasing field of stories about a future where we are no longer the same as we were, or thought ourselves to be. The…

2016.04.08 | Blog, News

A Collapsed Sublime: Paleofuturism in Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey

In the article I am working on presently, I aim to show that Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey partakes in a cultural turn I call paleofuturism. With a graphic peak in the 1960s, but extending widely into modern art and philosophy more broadly, paleofuturism implies that the deep past and the future are entangled through continuities and…

2016.04.05 | Blog, News

How to Choose What Will Have Been? Prometheanism, Ecology, And Retroactive Causality

As with many anthropocene films, in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar the protagonists are faced with the final horizon of hominization: the world is dying under the effects of the human’s exploitation of nature. But faced with this crisis, Interstellar promotes the following moral: ‘Don’t go gentle into that good night, rage, rage against the…

2016.04.01 | News, Blog

Superman and Human Imperfection

2016 is becoming the year of Hollywood blockbuster films about superheroes fighting each other. Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War will be released later this month, and last week the first DC superhero film with multiple heroes, Batman vs. Superman was released. In Batman vs. Superman, the collateral damage of Superman’s efforts to do good on…

CRASH.COM: An example of an MS-DOS-based virus, now removed of its destructive capability but leaving its messages.
The Internet Archive: The Malware Museum

2016.03.29 | Blog, News

The Museum of Classical Malware

A Finnish software security expert has assembled the material for what must be one of the first museums for computer viruses. Mikko Hypponen recently explained to a Danish newspaper how the tender years of the digital revolution was a particularly creative one for malware programmers, who in those times were, supposedly, driven by creative…

2016.03.25 | Blog, News

Robots and Empathy

  The complex relationship between humans and humanoid robots discussed in Tuesday’s post here on Posthuman Aesthetics is not just a hypothetical science fiction scenario. While robots with an aesthetic sensitivity or actual autonomous artificial intelligence are still only fiction, the inventions of modern robotics companies create very similar…

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